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Click here to download AlphaBlocs for Android on Google Play now!






AlphaBlocs is a fun and challenging new puzzle game inspired by the classic block games. Pick up block pieces, rotate and drag them on the board to line up 4 squares in a row. Get combos, score points, clear the board and progress through the levels. The game quickly gets more and more challenging by introducing new colours, adding bigger block pieces and enlarging the game board.


The game uses a unique method to move and rotate pieces. Pick up a piece with one finger and drag it in to position. Rotate the piece by tapping the screen with another finger. After a few plays it becomes second nature and the game flows!


AlphaBlocs is different, colourful, addictive and fun!


- Retro minimalist graphics .

- Arcade style gameplay.

- Smooth and responsive interface.

- Unique two finger control.

- Cool special 'power-up' blocks.

- Unlimitless levels.


Click here to download HyperColor for Android on Google Play now!





Hypercolor is a game like no other. The objective is to paint the screen with pixels, fill space on the screen and avoid obstacles to complete each level.


The gameplay is totally unique, a cross between a paint package, a puzzle game and a classic 80's arcade game.


Your objective is to fill 50% of the screen without the enemy destroying any of your pixels. The enemy move around the screen in unique patterns, watch and learn their paths then lay your pixels down where there is free space. Complete levels fast, without loosing pixels and with one touch for bonus points.


In this version there are three different enemy types and 25 levels. There are three different powerup's to help you complete the levels, but use them sparingly.


Hypercolor is not like other puzzle games, it's refreshingly original, cool, colourful, addictive and fun!


- Retro minimalist graphics.

- Special pixel painting gameplay.

- Smooth and slick.

- Three different enemies to tackle.

- Cool special 'power-up' stars.

- 25 levels with replay objectives.

- Unlimitless fun.

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